Facials, resurfacing & more


We use a combination of facial & aesthetic techniques to create your perfect facial treatment

We use the cosmaceutical range from PH formula and are an approved clinic.

Our skin specialist is trained and insured in level 4 skin peel skin resurfacing,

dermaroller micronededling laser Facial & electrical facial techniques

PH Formula Skin Resurfacing

PH formua skin resurfacing advanced treatment

PH-DVC™ complex is used to deliver the acids to work inside out rather than outside in which guarantees best possible results . A powerful blend of AHAs in leave of self neutralising formulas.


£65 level 1 mild skin Resurfacing  AC AGE CR

AC Acne unique complex to correct & maintain the main issues that create acne ; inflamation, excess microbes,

hyperkeratinisation & excess sebum production

AGE  specially formulated blend of AHAs & retinol to target the signs of ageing which include uneven pigmentation,

fine lines, dullness & uneven skin surface.

£75 level 2 medium Level Resuracing

£80 Melanin Fade Mask Skin Resurfacing

£55 Wrinkle Cure Eye/lip add Dermaroller £70

£99 Neck Lift Treatment

PH formula uses pharmacosmetic products to create great results. Using active formula combining ingredients such

as mandelic , salycilic , glycolic acid and retinol.
Target your individual concerns with skin resurfacing to target
photo ageing  Dullness
brown spots  Redness
wrinkles Dryness

This Treatment includes skin resurfacing . 

SPF to be worn during treatment programme.

A treatment plan of 4-6 treatments is recomended.

Add Dermaroller to supercharge Treatment and Rejuvenate.


ABC super Facial £55

New for 2019 A combination of

double cleanse with B5 super cleanser.

Exfoliation using a Vitamin C and vitamin A peel.

Vitamin C serum application

Post Recovery cream 

This facial is brightness in a Flash suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive.

Add Radio frequency skin tightening for £25

Advanced Facials

Combination Treatments to target your skin




Dermaplane Facial £45

Dermaplane treatment & peel mandelic brightening £65

The latest skin care Facial treatment gives great results. Suitable for the most delicate skin.

A painless & relaxing treatment.

Exfoliates skin

Reduces vellous hair

Increases cell turnover

Make up becomes flawless

Dermaplane Glow £95

Double B5 cleanse

Dermaplane exfoliation

Meso serum vitamin c


Custom Face Mask

 Retinol Peel With Peptide Mask £60 

Anti-ageing ,stimulates collagen, moisturising Quick luxury

Treatment great results. Suitable all skin types.

Laser IPL Facial £65

Laser IPL Facial using light energy to treat acne, pigmentation

or to stimulate collagen.

Add peptide mask £80

Skin Tightening Radio frequency Facial

The ultimate in skin tightening £75

This treatment uses radio frequency to heat the skin to tighten & increase collagen. The massage and heat element make this a relaxing treatment with advanced results.

PH Formula Radiance Boost

Vitamin C treatment

Maximum Vitamin C concentration levels are achieved in a highly absorbable medium. An advanced system which addresses early signs of cutaneous damage.
L-ascorbic acid helps to strengthen the skin’s collagen and elastin network. The treatment is suited to use on photo-aged and pigmented skin and can help improve uneven pigmentation when performed regularly. £45

TCA Touch Peel


Instantly creates a lifting effect for clients
- Intense stimulation and cell renewall
- Uniquely combined with Arbutin and Magnesium to enhance
skin lightening properties
- No persistent erythema
- Two not three molecules in acid for safer practice
- Amphiprotic property benefits due to the unique delivery system
- Suitable for all skin types and clients
- No PIH
- No downtime and instant results £135 for one treatment

  or £199 for two.



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